Our Rules
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Kite Competitions Criteria
Categories 1-7 are judged by ability to fly, quality of stitching, design, suitability to category and made by competitor within the previous kite year. Category 8 is judged by your use of materials as described below.
This must be a single line kite that flies reliably in the conditions on the day.
When flying at 50 metres altitude, it must appear neat and tidy.
The construction methods and materials can be of any style.
Graphics, tails, ribbons can be part of the design.
(Examples. Deltas, Box, Flat, Bowed, Round, Flowform, Parafoil)
This must be a kite, or kites, that fly as intended on the day.
They can have multiple control lines or surfaces.
Quality of construction, choice of materials will be deciding factors
(Examples. Sport Kites, Multiline controllable, Stacked kites)
This must be a kite that flies as intended on the day.
The main focus is on the graphic and/or uniqueness of design.
The construction methods and materials can be of any style.
This is for any object that needs a lifter kite or secondary anchor point to enable them to be raised off the ground.
Note, lifter kites are not considered in the judging.
(Examples. Flags, 3 dimensional inflated objects, Kite Arches.)
The objects in this category are intended to be as a Ground Display.
They will be judged by uniqueness of presentation, theme being consistent throughout the display and that the workmanship should respect the integrity of the materials used.
Objects in this category may or may not be intended to be flown.
The materials used must be from banners or fencing used as advertising in a previous FOTW. Ask a Committee member to get you some if required.
They will be judged by uniqueness of presentation, the theme being FOTW throughout and that the workmanship should respect the integrity of the materials used.
The President (or their nominated stand-in) will select from all the Kites and Displays during the weekend (Saturday & Sunday) that which, in their opinion, is the best Homemade Kite or Display of the Festival.
A small writing pad with consecutive numbers written in the top corner is to be kept at the member’s tent. Several time throughout the Sunday of the Festival, two members are to take the note pad and pen, amongst the public and ask them which Kite they like the most. The results are recorded one per page. At the end of the day, the consecutive numbers are to be checked to ensure that none are missing. The votes are then tallied.
Rules of Flying
The AKS will not tolerate any member wilfully disregarding public safety and/or flying in a manner deemed dangerous or to the detriment of kiting.

The AKS will not tolerate flyers flying kites if their actions are impaired due to drugs or alcohol.

Show consideration to other recreation area users.
Avoid allowing your kite or kite line to threaten or appear to threaten anyone. Never buzz animals or spectators with a stunt kite. Please respect other flyers flying space.
It is ILLEGAL to fly higher than 120 metres above your ground level.
It is ILLEGAL to fly within 4 kms of an airport boundary fence.
DO NOT used Manja or other cutting lines.
DO NOT FLY over roads, highways and railway lines.
DO NOT FLY a kite in the presence of lightning, thunder or in high winds.
DO NOT ALLOW people or public members to fly your kite unless they are able to control it properly. Pay particular care with children.
DO NOT wrap flying lines around hands, do not leave tethered kites or inflatables unattended. Tether large or hard pulling kites BEFORE launching, lines should be clearly marked and anchored.
Any form of cutting lines will be forbidden.